Be a good corporate neighbor —
partner with us to help fight homelessness!

Retail Partner Program ImageFamily Counseling Center, Inc. is partnering with retail business owners for the good of our communities.

Family Counseling Center, Inc. is a multi-county, multi-service agency that serves over 2,000 individuals in southernmost Illinois. We provide a broad array of services for children, adults, and families with behavioral health concerns; adults with development needs, and seniors in need of social and emotional support. One of our very important programs for the homeless is in need of a retail partner and this partnership creates a “WIN – WIN – WIN” situation for all.

Here is how the partnership works to help all of us and our communities:

  1. Your returned, scratched and dented, unpackaged, slightly broken but fixable merchandise may not be something you want to sell but it is still valuable. Donate those items to Family Counseling Center, Inc. with a retail value listed. Your donation is considered an in-kind contribution and the value is tax-deductible since Family Counseling Center, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization. WIN!
  2. Family Counseling Center, Inc. will pick up that merchandise and get it out of your way and provide documentation of the tax-deductible donation. We are able to use the value of the in-kind contribution and use it to leverage for state and federal funding for our homeless program. WIN!
  3. Family Counseling Center, Inc. will take the items donated and GIVE it to individuals who are homeless or at risk of being homeless and who are truly in need of assistance. Ideally, these items would be used to help this individual set up housekeeping or in some other way assist the individual in maintaining independent living in the community. WIN!

Additional Benefits:

  • Family Counseling Center, Inc. has a strong social media and online presence. We currently have 1,065 Likes on our Facebook page that has daily posts and updates that reached 2,904 people (Feb 16-22). Our website receives 20,000 hits per month. We will use our social media and online presence to promote our partnership and effort to fight homelessness.
  • Once your retail business reaches $5,000 in in-kind contributions, your business name and logo will automatically be included in our other annual fundraising events on event flyers, t-shirts, promotional signs, etc. as a sponsor for one year. We typically have 3-4 fundraising events annually.
  •  Family Counseling Center, Inc. employs over 150 extremely dedicated professionals who are diligent about supporting those who support us and our efforts.

>> Download the FCC Retail Partner Program Flyer (PDF File, 126 KB).

For more information call: 618-734-2665, or 618-683-2461.

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