Be the One Who Knows the Risks

Be the One Who Knows the Risks. Opioids, such as hydrocodone, codeine, morphine, oxycodone, fentanyl and Demerol, can play a role in managing pain, but also comes with serious risks. Find us on Facebook This campaign has been developed with the support of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under the Rural Communities Opioid Response (Planning) Program.


  • The Opioid Epidemic by The Numbers
    Infographic updated in January 2019 with overdose-related statistics for opioids and prescription opioids (
  • Opioid Facts for Teens Booklet
    Booklet available for distribution through NIDA – free booklets and free shipping – question-and-answer format that provides teens with facts about opioids and their potential harmful effects (National Institute on Drug Abuse).
  • Preventing an Opioid Overdose
    2-page PDF, that can be made into a tip card, identifying the basics of an opioid overdose such as signs and symptoms as well as what to do if you think someone is overdosing (CDC).
  • Prescription Opioids: What You Need to Know
    2-page PDF that identifies the risks ad side effects of opioid use, notes when risks are greater, identifies options, and safety procedures for use (CDC and American Hospital Association).
  • Know the Risks
    Poster for print that helps people manage their pain and minimizing their risks when seeking effective pain management (CDC)
  • Update Your Image of a Person with a Substance Use Disorder
    Printable PDF focusing on women and higher risks for substance use disorder (The Institute for Research, Education, and Training in Addictions).
  • Rx Pain Medications: Know the Options — Get the Facts
    Dangerous Drug Interactions. 1-page PDF referencing dangers of mixing opioids with other substances and the possible dangerous side-effects (SAMHSA).
  • Assessing Benefits and Harms of Opioid Therapy
    2-page printable PDF that offers guidance on opioid prescribing, benefits of opioid therapy, harms of opioid therapy, and addresses tapering and discontinuing opioid therapy (CDC).
  • Patient Facts — Safe Opioid Use
    2-page printable PDF that reviews what opioids are, side effects, risks, safe use, and questions for doctors (American College of Physicians).

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